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Structural Repair

Structural Repair

Repair and alterations of sheet metal, composite, wood and tubular structures.

A/C Servicing

A/C Servicing

Annual servicing and maintenance of R134a A/C systems with specialized equipment.

Mass & Balance

Airplane and Helicopter weighing even on remote locations. Our W+B equipment allows weighing on jacks.
Pre Buy

Pre-Buy Inspections

On demand pre-buy inspections.

Flexible Hoses

Overhaul of most common hose assies.


With our Olympus Iplex II we are capable of performing on - or – off site borescope inspections. Accurate recorded inspections are done by our factory trained technicians.


Dynamic Prop Balancing

Dynamic Balancing reduces vibration levels by balancing the propeller, spinner, and spinner bulkheads to the engines rotating components. Our ACES Pro-Balancer can be used to balance both fixed pitch and constant speed propellers or establish an engine vibration analysis report.


Component Maintenance

O.H. / Periodic maintenance of Magnetos, Alternators, Starter-Generators and Carburetors etc i.a.w. respective manufacturer specifications.

CAMO follow-up

We can provide extensions and delivery of your ARC, including AMP draw up and update.


Daher Socata Daher-Socata Discover the Very Fast Turboprop world and change your flying experience to higher level. 
Lycoming Lycoming Major manufacturer of general aviation piston engines.
Lopresti LoPresti The world's leading supplier of  Aviation performance solutions.
Pilatus Pilatus Aircrafts The world market leader in the manufacture of single-engine turboprop aircrafts.
Pratt & Whitney Company Pratt & Whitney Company World leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines powering business, general aviation and regional aircraft and helicopters.
Teledyne Continental Teledyne Teledyne Continental Motors Inc., has been a recognized world leader in the development of aviation products for over 100 years)
Standardaero Standard Aero StandardAero is one of the largest independent MRO businesses in the world.
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